Mobitel recently joined hands with M3Force to launch the largest Monitoring and Response (MnR) Center in Sri Lanka. M3Force, a part of WatchGuard Security and Investigation (Pvt) Ltd, provides a comprehensive security solution to its clients. The solutions comprise of well-trained ex-servicemen, technically supported by security audit and design, installation and commissioning of integrated security systems and maintenance of security technical systems.

The centre offers integrated intelligent security solutions for the prevention and management of critical solutions in both pre and post situational scenarios. While surveillance is the need of the hour, lack of trained resource personnel and human error is giving rise to the demand for technology backed surveillance systems. In response to this growing need of the hour, protecting people and property against threats of all kinds has become a key priority in today’s world.


What the MnR would look like once completed

The MnR is a service for commercial, corporate and household establishments. Properties are monitored remotely by a dedicated centre and any breach or threat detection is responded to immediately by a team of highly trained MnR staff.

MnR solutions encompass high-end video analytic solutions using deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect situations in advance by detecting intruders, behaviour differences, environment changes, movements etc. The Centre’s services include multifaceted responses to emergencies including but not limited to an on-site warning, alarms, auto shutouts, instant alerts and commandos on-call service.

Mobitel’s business solutions encompass a variety of services aimed at empowering customers with the latest technology and tools to enhance profitability while simultaneously assisting them to adopt technology platforms.


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