“There is an increasing demand for Cloud services among independent software vendors globally and as an AWS Standard Tier Consulting Partner, it positions us to be a developmental partner of choice in Cloud design, development and migration to them,” stated 99X Technology Software Architect and Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Ashan Fernando. Why did he say this? Well, that’s because 99X Technology entered the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. This makes 99X Technologies the newest consulting partner to AWS.

Amazon Web Services AWS 99X Technology

99X Technologies becomes the newest consulting partner to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Image Credits: TechCentral)

The partnership denotes 99X Technology’s efforts in investing and implementing AWS practices. It also showcases the company producing numerous AWS certified developers and architects, who assist clients worldwide with various Cloud services. These include “lift and shift” Cloud migrations, modernizing existing applications, creating hybrid cloud environments and many more value-added services. Shifting to Cloud architecture comes with many benefits, such as reduced operational costs, far better reliability and availability, and greater opportunities for innovation utilizing tools for analytics, machine learning, and big data.

Amazon Web Services AWS 99X Technology

99X Technology’s efforts in the adoption of Serverless with AWS Lambda was a leading factor for them to secure the partnership with AWS (Image Credits: Colombo Gazette)

The journey towards becoming an AWS Consulting Partner was buoyed by 99X Technology’s pioneering efforts in the adoption of Serverless with AWS Lambda since its introduction, and its use of an open-source DevOps Framework called Serverless Framework. 99X Technology is the creator behind a Serverless Dynamodb Local plugin, an open source project with nearly 200,000 downloads, in addition to over 20 other open source projects directly related to Cloud, spearheaded by the company’s people.

It has also allowed the company to be thought leaders in Cloud technology in the Sri Lankan ICT community, driven by a culture of knowledge gathering and dissemination spearheaded by its employees, who are now looking to build careers specializing in Cloud.

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