At the recently held Techno 2018, Mobitel showcased a range of their latest unique products, technologies, initiatives, and innovations. Under the theme of ‘Connecting the green future’, Mobitel’s state-of-the-art stall was designed using recyclable material wherever possible. In addition to the design of the stall, it was also highly interactive and engaging due to a plethora of demonstrations courtesy of Mobitel.

One such element was the public demonstration of Sri Lanka’s first 5G deployment over 3.5GHz. In case you didn’t know, the 3.5GHz spectrum is globally recognized as the primary frequency band for 5G. This 5G Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology demonstrations utilized 64×64 MIMO configuration. These were used in tandem with commercially available user devices & network equipment. This was to show do away with any doubts about the technology being short term.


The Mobitel stall at Techno 2018 (Image Credits: Mobitel)

Mobitel also publicly demonstrated Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) for the first time in Sri Lanka. With VoWiFi, users are able to make traditional cellular voice calls over any WiFi network. So in the event, there are areas with poor mobile coverage, users can connect to a WiFi network and place a phone call.

In addition, Mobitel also demonstrated communication services suitable for public/administrative services and large-scale industries such as Police and Emergency services, Shipping and Railway communications etc. The technology was based on converting traditional analog or Walkie-Talkie services over Mobitel’s island-wide digital LTE network.

This would ensure enhanced coverage, superior call quality, and also the ability to broadcast video images over push-to-talk (PTT) functions. Following the recent natural disasters in Sri Lanka, Mobitel also trialed an early warning detection system for landslides, thereby encompassing communication from early warning systems to emergency response units. This was further bolstered by a number of NB-IoT products such as Smart Water Meters.

Finally, in keeping with the Green Technology theme, an app based on the widely popular Blockchain technology was commercially launched, whereby anyone could plant a tree and track its growth over its lifetime, thereby earning carbon credits which could be traded for free data bundles on Mobitel’s network.


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