Building capacity at the technological frontier of the Sri Lankan insurance industry, TYE Solutions announced a full day workshop on Insurance and Big Data Analytics on 7th June 2018. In case you didn’t know, TYE Solutions is a company that caters to and build solutions to a wide audience such as Big data, VR, IoT, Drones, Healthcare and intellect development.

Taking place at the Parkland Building, Park Street, Colombo 02, from 9.30 am – 3.00 pm, the workshop is designed to enable a new generation of smarter, real-time, predictive insurance that elevates customer service while minimizing risk.

Zahir Fuard, CEO of TYE Solutions explained that “As with most technologies, the Banking, Finance, Insurance and telecommunications sectors tend to be at the first adopters of new technologies, however, the difference with data analytics and those technological revolutions that came before is in the complexity involved in deriving massive value from massive amounts of data. Our aim with this workshop is to drastically simplify this process”.

What can we expect at the Insurance and Big Data Analytics Workshop?

Featuring extended sessions with internationally renowned data scientists and experts in Big Data, the one-day training course will provide participants with an overview of different types of analytics. This analytics would include tools for text, speech algorithmic and cognitive analytics. In addition, it would also provide in-depth industry use cases from some famous first adopters who have made use of such techniques to see a full view of customers across channels.

Insurance Big Data Analytics

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Another key topic being discussed at the sessions will be the potential for risk analytics, fraud detection and how Big Data can be utilized towards minimizing risk to the organization while maximizing customer service quality and volume.

Having worked at the frontiers of Big Data analytics in Sri Lanka, TYE Solutions has seen an increasing sense of urgency in the way medium to large scale corporates approach this field. Fuard went on to explain that “In that regard, we will also be conducting special sessions at our workshop with regard to other important industry trends which can potentially be leveraged for greater competitive advantage right now, including hot-button issues like the potential of Blockchain, IoT, wearable devices, artificial intelligence and open data sets. This will be a truly unprecedented learning opportunity everyone seeking to take bold and progressive steps in the insurance industry.”

Insurance Big Data Analytics

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Participants at the Insurance Analytics workshop from TYE will also receive a special US$ 100 early bird voucher for its upcoming flagship technical workshop: ‘Hadoop Ecosytems of Enterprise’ which is also scheduled to take place in June 2018.

You can click here to learn more about TYE Solutions. If you want to learn more about the Insurance Analytics workshop, you can call  +94 117 444 101 or email:

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