With a community of over 800 million users globally that is growing every day, Instagram has become a platform where people come together to connect, share interests and share experiences. Did you know that on any given day, over 80 million photos are posted on Instagram.

In a stride to showcase the vibrancy and cultural diversity of Sri Lanka, Instagram hosted its first ever cultural exhibition in Sri Lanka. Inaugurated by Harin Fernando – Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure along with Austin Fernando – President’s Secretary and Chairman – Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, the exhibit includes a wide range of images and stories captured by the Sri Lankan Instagram community.


Harin Fernando MP – Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, Austin Fernando – Presidents Secretary and Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka and Shivnath Thukral – Director Policy Communication India and South Asia, Facebook at #visitsrilanka Instagram exhibition

Held as part of a Facebook event titled “Boost Your Business” at The Galadari Hotel, Instagram’s Cultural Exhibition was aimed at helping Sri Lankan business owners grow their businesses using Facebook and Instagram.

The images in this exhibition were from a group of 6 individuals residing in Sri Lanka. Bridging the gap between age and professional backgrounds, the 6 combined their efforts to capture inspiring moments and stories from their personal perspective. The exhibition also gave them a chance to make their voices known and display some of their most iconic visuals for the world to see.


People use photography to express them on platforms such as Instagram (Image Credits: Gramista)

The documentation of these moments via Instagram truly does show how people are increasingly using images to share their experiences with the world around them.

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