For those of you who haven’t heard, is Sri Lanka’s largest online shopping store, where you can get anything from baby night lights to flat screen TV’s, and get it delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where in the island you are. Specializing in electronics since 2012, their business, located in Kynsey road, has been on a successful path.


A snapshot of the team at Takas.LK (Image Credits: Takas)

In 2017, despite overall consumption being flat, has managed to come out on top both volume and revenue wise. Takas attributes their success to two main factors;

  • Their internal innovation leading to improved efficiencies in marketing and operations
  • The public view change towards e-commerce

Technological Innovations

Now what are these innovations they talk about? According to the CEO of takas, Lahiru Pathmalal, they have focused their technology in giving a better customer experience by giving them the ability to track an order until it reaches their home.

Owning their own Intellectual Property, (basically having their own rights to their systems) Takas is in a position to continuously modify and adapt their systems to improve the Takas experience. As such, they have been able to bring down the unit costs of order processing down by 30%.


How Takas.Lk tracks and displays the order progress

Marketing and Operations

So as mentioned above, this leads to marketing and operations getting a kickoff. Takas decided to focus on digital marketing, offering up deals that turn casual browsers into customers. Quoting from COO of Takas Murtaza Moosajee,

“We have been bringing down the fulfillment costs at Takas by nearly 60% year on year while doing this we have been able to meet our KPIs. Also, the data that we collect is making the consumer experience so much better.”

In layman’s terms, Takas states that their costs for receiving, packaging, and shipping orders (aka the order process) has been going down at nearly 60%, which enables them to meet their Key Performance Indicators.

Sri Lankan Consumers

Coming to the second point, Sri Lankans are most decidedly feeling the pressure of saving money. This results in more and more consumers switching to e-commerce, which is widely known to save your time and effort and yes, travel money.

Takas has managed to reach out not only to the commercialized districts, but the outskirt districts like Monaragala as well.

What can we expect in 2018?


The current mobile website of

Coming into 2018 with big plans, Takas has plans to launch a new mobile website, having identified that 40% + of their traffic is generated from mobile devices. Keeping their consumer-oriented goals in mind, Takas will keep on pushing this coming year.

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