ikman.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace now offers a solution for customers seeking accommodation. Since their inception in 2012, Ikman.lk has since been recognized as a one-stop online marketplace featuring a plethora of products and services for both sellers and buyers.

Ideally suited for working individuals, professionals, small families and those relocating from outstation areas for work or higher education Ikman’s ‘Portions and Rooms’ listed as a sub-category under its Property category provides listings for suitable accommodation options island wide.


The Portions and Rooms section would allow people to seek accommodation via Ikman.

Customers can search and filter with ease for accommodation listings via price, property type and also search according to the town they wish to reside in. Accommodation under ‘Portions and Rooms’ includes annexes, rooms and rooms within apartments and houses for rent.

Rooms offer customers an abode with at times separate entrances and attached facilities or rooms within a house usually with common amenities. While an annex provides those seeking a compact home, the ideal space with kitchenette facilities and attached amenities and even a separate entrance.

Additionally, owners of apartments with unused rooms can also list these rooms in the ‘Portions and Rooms’ category making use of Ikman’s marketplace for renting. Customers posting listings can upload images and descriptions of the accommodation, offering a realistic depiction of the residential area making it easy for potential tenants to take a decision.


Detailed looks of the results in Portions and Rooms is also available

While a majority of customers’ list available accommodation on Ikman providing a service to those seeking rentals, customers seeking suitable lodging facilities too can place their requirements under the wanted to rent section with details of their requirements.

Explaining the advantages of this category listing, Shaif Mohamed, Director Operations, ikman.lk said, “Customers flock to ikman.lk because they firmly believe through this marketplace they have access to a wider range of products and services. Similarly, in our ‘Portions and Rooms’ listing we can offer the ideal solution for their accommodation requirements for both customers seeking rentals and those listing space, ikman.lk is dedicated to providing a stress-free search for accommodation with unmatchable convenience.”

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