Hatch, a Sri Lankan start-up incubation and acceleration platform, recently announced their plans for launching the Sri Lanka’s single largest co-working office space designed exclusively for start-ups to collaborate, create and grow.

Located in the commercial heart of Colombo, the main goal of Hatch is to redefine the future of work by providing a vibrant, cost-effective, innovative and convenient workspace for entrepreneurs, creators, professionals and business enterprises in Sri Lanka.


An example of a co-working space
Image Credits: PSFK

Those who are a part of the Hatch community will get to choose from a range of flexible plans, including hot desks, dedicated workspaces, and private offices. These enable a business to scale up or down at a short notice without having to move from one physical location to another like a traditional business. The community will have direct access to a wide variety of tool and local and international mentors who are specialists in their fields and introductions to a range of start-up funds to realize their full potential.

Brindha Selvadurai-Gnanam, Chief Community Officer of Hatch explained that “Hatch is a dynamic community of industries and skills connected by a collaborative mindset, supportive attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit”.

Co-founder of Hatch, Jeevan Gnanam added his thoughts by explaining that “We are launching the Hatch Community because we believe that Sri Lanka has talent and we want to inspire and mobilize this talent to make a significant contribution to the economy of the country; so that every citizen can benefit from it”


Hatch will create the perfect work environment by building a community of like-minded people who can share ideas, learn from each other, collaborate to create opportunities and chase their passion by giving their project a greater probability for success.

The facility will house over 600 workspaces, meeting rooms, auditoriums event spaces, cafeterias, coffee shops, nap rooms, breakout areas, fully functioning reprographics, video audio facilities, and fabrication labs.

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