Insights Advertising, an integrated marketing and communications agency completed their tenth year of successful operations in the field of creative solutions in media. Founded by four creative heads; Nalin, Indu, Chaminda and Sharman in September 2007, their dream of expanding their creative streak in the ad-trade involved clever ideas which helped in forming some of the most iconic, long-lasting and influential messages that made it to TV, Radio, Print and Social Media.

Insights Advertising

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Insights Advertising caters to a wide number of clients such as the Cargills and Millers gamut of companies. In case you didn’t know, these groups include brand names such as Kotmale Dairy Products, Magic Ice Cream, Kist Biscuits, Kist Nectar, Kist Jams and Sauces, Goldi, Sam’s and Finest Meat products, Bonlac Non-Fat Milk Powder as well as the National Lotteries Board Vasana Sampatha , NIBM and Siyapatha Finance, a fully owned subsidiary of Sampath Bank Group, for which Insights produce creative and effective 360 degree marcom solutions.

The founders have built up considerable fame for themselves and are regarded as some of the top individuals in the advertising sector of Sri Lanka. Their creations are inspired by the present moment and the agency tailor-makes ads in line with the vision of their clients at the budgets allocated to them.

Further, Insights also offer a fresh outlook into the field of advertising and their approach is creative led and reaches down to the grassroots level in terms of strategy, philosophy and execution. The agency’s motto is simple – ‘To get the best feedback from the target audience with the most cost-efficient and strategically advantageous advertising mix.’

Chaminda Gamagem CEO and Executive Creative Director of Insights Advertising explained that “Consumerism is a hot topic that is debated time and again but we are all salesmen at the end of the day. We have limited resources and unlimited needs and in this vast global supermarket, we need to be able to pick out the best brands that would suit the needs of our families. In order to ensure this, we need proper insight to go by with this selection in terms of our lifestyle and disposable income.”

In order to mark the agency’s achievement of a decade in advertising, Insights Advertising has planned to provide funding for the ‘Library Project’ through the construction of a building that had been recently devastated due to the onset of the floods and swept away the Rathnapura North Karadana Vidyalaya. Insights hope to help bring back a valuable collection of books for the use of this school’s underprivileged kids.

Speaking on how the agency decided to help out with this initiative, Mr. Gamage stated, “According to its Principal, the school had faced issues when it got washed away during the recent floods and he had planned to re-construct the school in a new location with the help of the villagers and the government. We, at Insights found out about this and decided to extend our support by helping to rebuild the Library for the school.” He also added that with this being their tenth year, Insights decided to drive this great initiative and conduct this as an act of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measure in light of these events.

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