Interbrand, a global consultancy released its brand ranking report for this year. According to said report, Huawei rose to Number 70 on the Best Global Brands 2017 Rankings. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has seen its brand value grow by 14% compared to that of last year, reaching USD $ 6,676 million. Currently, Huawei is among 16 brands that enjoy a double-digit growth in brand value on the top 100 ranking list.


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According to Kevin Zhang, President of Huawei Corporate Marketing, “Over the past three decades, we have primarily lived our brand and helped our customers succeed through innovative technologies, high-quality products and premium services, and passionate and progressive employees”. For the carrier business, Huawei is committed to becoming carrier customers’ business partner. It aims to help carriers succeed through digital transformation, maximizing the value of carriers’ current networks and developing video into a basic service. Huawei also enables carriers to provide products and services to industries via the cloud, to achieve value-driven new growth together.


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Huawei’s enterprise business focuses on the key industries such as public safety, finance, transportation and manufacturing, helping industry customers to realize digital transformation. Huawei has established a number of joint innovation centres and OpenLabs with customers and industry partners to facilitate joint business success.

In the consumer segment, Huawei is gaining insights into what consumers want, catering to these needs, leading industry changes, and carrying forth with their innovation. Featuring sleek, fashionable and innovative design, Huawei’s “P” and “Mate” series of smartphones have gained increasing influence on the global high-end market and become wildly popular in the smartphone market. The companies latest flagship, the Huawei Mate 10 which will make use of the companies Kirin 970 chipset will be launched this month (October) in Munich.


The Huawei P10
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In terms of future advancements, Huawei will join hands with industry partners to bring about the next wave of technology. This includes cloud, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), all of which will become the cornerstones of an intelligent society.

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