Third Space Global, a UK owned BOI approved company, recently unveiled their new regional headquarters at Orion City, Colombo 9 on the 13th of September 2017. Since they began their operations in September 2015, the company has grown to host over 200 staff on the platform.

The new headquarters cater to the CEO of Third Space Global, Roshan Nilaweera’s goal of creating numerous employment opportunities for young Sri Lankans to help them make a name for themselves in the global digital economy. At the opening of the facility, the British-born Sri Lankan was joined by Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Third Space Learning which is the parent company located in London.

Third Space Global

Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Third Space Learning and Roshan Nilaweera, CEO of Third Space Global at the opening ceremony of Third Space Global

Third Space Learning is building the world’s first global and scalable teaching network of highly trained online tutors supported by cutting-edge technology. The company offers the largest network of one-on-one Math tuition in the UK. Within the last four years, the company has worked with nearly 16,000 children across 600 schools, delivering over 200,000 teaching hours. How, you ask? Well, this is where Sri Lanka makes an appearance. They select potential Sri Lankan candidates and provide an intensive training programme on the latest teaching trends and how the technology of Third Space can be put to use.

Moving to closer waters, Third Space Global employs over 200 people who are in their early 20s. For a majority, this would be their first job. That being said, many have not exactly considered a career in teaching. Third Space aims to overcome this by a number of ways. Firstly, they encourage people to enrol in these programmes by providing excellent training designed by the resident international staff. This in turn, earns them benefits from early promotions created by the rapid expansion of the workforce. The new office provides an excellent training, working and recreational facilities which contribute to building a happy working environment and culture.

Third Space Global

Roshan Nilaweera, CEO of Third Space Global speaking at the event

Roshan Nilaweera, who was a Math and ICT teacher prior to his Masters in Engineering in Computer Science spent a majority of his life in the UK but chose to immigrate to Sri Lanka to set up the main regional office of Third Space Global. He did this to create employment and training opportunities for young Sri Lankans to help develop Sri Lanka’s economic development. Roshan is certain that there are others like him who would do the same, given the right catalyst.

Despite Third Space being an export company, it is also keen to support education in Sri Lanka through its CSR programmes. For the past six weeks, Third Space has been running a free e-Learing Hub programme from their office and has welcomed 800 visits by 8 to 16 year-olds. Unlike a school or a tuition centre, young learners receive a quick orientation and then set about managing their own learning schedules as they work with free online eLearning programmes. TSG staff are on hand to provide a helping hand but always ensure that learners develop autonomy and independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

Third Space Global plans to provide a free toolkit so this eLearning Programme model can be replicated by other companies opening their offices to learners nationwide. The company also plans to launch free teaching and learning workshops next summer to support teacher training across the nation. Though discussions are already underway with potential partners, they are interested in partnering with more people as well. With regard to Third Space Learning, the company is projected to grow 200% over the next 24 months as it expands to new markets and geographies. The result would be the creation of a further 250 jobs and also the opening of more offices in Sri Lanka.

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