It was bound to happen and now it finally did: Huawei, China’s leading smartphone manufacture has surpassed Apple’s global smartphone sales for June and July 2017. This makes it the first time for the company to do so and also makes Huawei the second largest smartphone brand in the world.


Image Credits: Counterpoint Research

In a research carried out by Counterpoint, a global research firm specializing in technology products in the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications), it was confirmed that Huawei had indeed surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales consistently for June and July. With sales strong for August as well, it’s entirely possible that Huawei could score a hat-trick as well. Then again, with Apple’s launch of their latest flagship iPhone imminent, things could go either way for both companies. At its current standing, Huawei is second to Samsung. The reason for this being that Huawei has a rather weak presence in the South Asian, Indian and North American markets, essentially limiting the smartphone manufacturer’s potential to beat out Samsung.

Despite Huawei claiming theirs spot as the second largest smartphone manufacturer in terms of global sales, none of their devices have actually made it to the Top 10 list. Rather this list is comprised of Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus claiming the number 1 and 2 spots, Oppo’s R11 and A57 claiming 3rd and 4th, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4X and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus. If they are to succeed and claim the Number one spot though, Huawei might have to consider streamlining their product range, thus pumping more muscle into a fewer, more elite products.


The top 10 Smartphones on 2017
Image Credits: Counterpoint Research

Discussing this key competitive development, Counterpoint’s Research Director Peter Richardson, notes, “This is a significant milestone for Huawei, the largest Chinese smartphone brand with a growing global presence. It speaks volumes for this primarily network infrastructure vendor on how far it has grown in the consumer mobile handset space in the last three to four years. The global scale Huawei has been able to achieve can be attributed to its consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, coupled with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion.”

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