H One, Sri Lanka’s leading cloud enterprise solution provider launched RES.Q | QMS, a quality management solution specifically designed to minimise defects in apparel manufacturing. The company’s solution takes inspiration from the expertise provided by its parent company – Hirdaramani Group, which has been a name in the apparel industry for the last 120-years in Sri Lanka.

What is RES.Q | QMS?

Put simply, RES.Q | QMS is a cloud-based IT solution that provides decision-makers with a 360° view of factory floor production quality. It uses data analytics to improve production quality, eliminates reporting time lags, enables faster and more accurate decision-making, and reduces wastage. It can be used by anyone with minimal training, and easily adapted by apparel manufacturing businesses of any size.


Rakhil Hirdaramani, Director, H One speaks at the RES.Q launch on the challenges of the global apparel manufacturing industry and why smart solutions are so critical moving forward

The platform is extremely affordable and doesn’t enquire any additional servers. Rather, it is a single device that is also completely paperless. In addition, it also functions via a device positioned with a supervisor at the end of each factory line.

The solution builds on a concept known as Industry 4.0. Thus far, Apparel has not been ablet o fully move on towards Industry 4.0 due to constraints to fully address or resolve issues unique to the manufacturing process. With RES.Q | QMS, all these constraints are seen to and are overcome without any issues. RES.Q | QMS improves the overall cut-to-ship ratio faced by apparel manufacturers.

This ratio is a KPI in any garment factory. It represents the losses incurred from the point a factory cuts pieces of a garment to fulfil an order, to when it is shipped out to the customer. In Sri Lanka, the average cut to ship ratio is 98%. This means that in a USD 4 billion turnover industry, this results in losses worth millions. But with RES.Q | QMS’s processing and analytical prowess, manufacturers can cut back on this 2% loss.

At the launch of the RES.Q | QMS, Samath Fernando – CEO of H One explained that “We developed RES.Q | QMS because we know the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers intimately. We field-tested our solution for over a year within Hirdaramani factories. We were deliberate and methodical because it was really important to us to get this right. Now, the end product can be used by any apparel manufacturer to make highly informed decisions quickly and efficiently to significantly reduce the huge losses the apparel industry is making due to quality issues”.


H One CEO and Hirdaramani CIO, Samath Fernando presents a tribute to Denver Jayasundara, Group GM of Jo Lanka Group – H One’s first customer outside of the Hirdaramani Group

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution comes to decision-makers in three user-friendly interfaces. First is the quality inspector interface that allows for easy, efficient and accurate data capture from the factory floor. Secondly, the quality planner portal enables for quality administrative users to ensure 100% control over quality inspections with a knowledge hub and a solution centre to help track and remedy defects in real-time. Lastly, the dashboard for top management users allows a user to visualize all quality data via charts, graphs and more. The data is available in real-time, enabling decision makers to make production-crucial and time-sensitive decisions instantly with the right information.


An attendee tries out RES.Q | QMS with the assistance of a quality inspector and the RES.Q team at the launch event.

Commenting on its effectiveness Denver Jayasundara, Group General Manager of Jo Lanka Group – H One’s first RES.Q | QMS customer outside of the Hirdaramani Group said, “After using RES.Q | QMS in our factories over a period of two months, we noticed a significant decline in the end-line defect rate by nearly 10%, and this result gave us confidence about what we could achieve with RES.Q | QMS in the future.”

The first RES.Q solution, the Quality Management System (QMS) was launched on Thursday, 31 August to an audience of industry stakeholders. A Machine Inventory tool to track and manage apparel manufacturing assets and a Skill Profiling tool to track employee performance, both under the RES.Q portfolio, will follow. H One plans to serve markets beyond the region with this platform in notably thriving apparel markets in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

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